What it Costs

Editwrite's charges are based on the number of words in your document and the return option you have chosen.

Editing is charged at the base rate of 2c (NZ$) per word. However, for large documents of more than 30,000 words, the rate reduces to 1.5c per word. We have three options for determining quickness of return delivery: Standard (48 hours or more), Quick (within 24 hours) and Express (Immediate or 'While you Wait').


We will automatically calculate the cost for you when you send your document to us, and then reply to you quoting that rate. You can also do it yourself like this:

  1. Go to 'Tools' -'Word Count' on your computer's task bar to find the number of words in your Word document. Sometimes it is also displayed along the base of the document page.
  2. Multiply the total of words by .02 (or .015 if the text exceeds 30,000 words). This is the amount payable for Standard return, in New Zealand Dollars.
  3. If you want the 24-hour Quick return option, this means the total in (2) is doubled.
  4. If you want the Express ('While-you-Wait') return option, this means the total in (2) is tripled. [If you choose this option, you must contact us first by phone (021-732360) to check we can do it when you need it.]
Price Guide (Standard rate)

1,000 words = $20.00

2,000 words = $40.00

2,500 words = $50.00

Minimum Charge - There is a minimum fee of $20.00 for any work done, regardless of the number of words used.