Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I send documents to Editwrite?

  Send them as a Word attachment in an email.

 How long will it take to do the job?

  Most straightforward jobs can be completed within 48 hours (often much less) during a normal business week, after we have received the documents and payment. Longer and more complex texts like company reports or university dissertations and theses will naturally take longer and should be negotiated individually. In these cases, contact us in advance to discuss your particular requirements.

 Will you do an urgent job?

  Yes, but the rates are higher. If you want it done in less than 24 hours, the rate would double. If you want a 'While you Wait' instant service, it will be trebled. We strongly advise you to contact us first to confirm that we are able to do a 'While you Wait' service for you.

 Is the work confidential?

  Absolutely. The information contained in your documents will not be revealed or passed on to any other person or organisation.

 Who has copyright on the text?

  The text belongs entirely and completely to you or your company. Editwrite will never attempt to claim it belongs to us.

 Will you write my university assignments for me?

  Definitely not. The ideas, information and opinions contained in the writing must be your own. The purpose of Editwrite is only to give a clear style and a grammatically accurate expression to the ideas you have written. Besides the fact that any such work would be completely unethical, we probably wouldn't know enough in your specific subject area to make the assignment appear convincing, anyway. Don't bother to ask.

 Do you have experience working with ESL and EFL students?

  Yes, considerable experience. In fact, it is because we are aware of the special difficulties encountered by students for whom English is not their first language that Editwrite has been established.

 What if I'm not happy with the job you've done?

  Phone us or send us an email explaining your dissatisfaction and what you want done. We will make any necessary changes immediately. Your complete satisfaction is our first priority.